06 Mai '19

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Morph – Making of

Here’s the making of and some detail shots from my Morph series. All pictures are acrylics on 30 x 40 cm canvases. First step is a digital sketch, then a pencil one directly on the canvas (some of which were … Read More

20 Dez '16

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Losing Species – painting process

In the course of November, I painted a (for my standards) really huge and complex picture about extinct species, meant to be showcased at the Night of Extinct Animals art show on November 30 in Berlin. I documented the … Read More

18 Nov '15

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Grouchy morning mermaid

Quick grouchy morning mermaid with a mug of coffee and a cookie, chocolate of course. Just a crappy photo unfortunately, as I didn’t have the possibility to scan it.

Schnelle Morgenmuffel-Nixe mit Kaffeetasse und einem Keks, natürlich Schoko. Leider nur … Read More