14 Feb '20

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Monstrous Families with making of

I had been planning to paint this series for a very long time. I’m more or less pleased with how these pieces turned out, but they aren’t exactly what I imagined them to be in …Read More

13 Aug '16

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Junicorn, part 3: Julycorn

No update on Junicorn on this blog for over a month, oh dear. So here’s the short summary: I decided to continue the awesome #Junicorn theme into July and change it to #Julycorn. And this time, I really did paint … Read More

21 Jun '16

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Magic suitcase on TV

Detail of a bigger illustration I made for Naturerbezentrum Rügen (for whose Tree Top Walk I also drew an award-winning Comic Rallye a few years ago). This one decorates the front of a trolley that ist the center of … Read More

18 Jun '16

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Junicorn, part 2

I still lack the time to give this cool art challenge its due, but at least #junicrn no. 2 has seen the light of day: a quick little unigoat. Let’s see if I can manage a few more … Read More

23 Mai '16

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Mermay, Part 1

I’ve been painting one mermaid sketch a day for the last week, following the #MerMay challenge… it’s simply a joy!. I’ll try to follow trough until the end of the month, as I started after half the month had … Read More

27 Jan '16

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New Shirt: Le Protecteur

I totally forgot to mention it: Since december, we have a new rabbit shirt at the Kaninchenschutz Spreadshirt shop! May I present: Le Protecteur des Innocents.

Ich habe vollkommen vergessen, es zu erwähnen: Seit Dezember haben wir ein neues Shirt … Read More

18 Nov '15

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Grouchy morning mermaid

Quick grouchy morning mermaid with a mug of coffee and a cookie, chocolate of course. Just a crappy photo unfortunately, as I didn’t have the possibility to scan it.

Schnelle Morgenmuffel-Nixe mit Kaffeetasse und einem Keks, natürlich Schoko. Leider nur … Read More

15 Sep '15

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Märchenbuch in der Mache, Teil 2

Noch ein bisschen Making of? Vorgeschmack aufs neue Märchenbuch, kommt im Oktober. Und bis dahin zeig ich auch keine fertigen Bilder, ätsch! „Norddeutsche Sagen und Märchen“ im Carl Schünemann Verlag. Und wenn’s draußen ist, kommt hier auch mal was fertiges.

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04 Jun '15

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Wasser, Geister, Sturm!

Ich male derzeit mit Pinsel und Farbe genau das, was ich am liebsten habe: Wogende Wassermassen, schlechtes Wetter, Geister, gnomige und elfige Gestalten, Piraten, sprechende Tiere, Nebel, Tee, Mittelalterkleidung und überhaupt alles, was Spaß und ein gutes Schmöker-Märchenbuch ausmacht. Es … Read More