06 Mrz '17

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New catalogue, prints, and portfolio

Just a small summary of updates:

Prints   As my current series Tiny Inklings grows, so does the number of available original-sized fine art prints of them, in limited edition and on watercolour paper.

Online shop   I reworked my … Read More

25 Jan '17

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Festival: Berlin Graphic Days – Feb 3 – 5 2017

I’ll be attending all three days of Berlin Graphic Days festival next week! There will not only be high quality fine art prints of my new series Tiny Inklings available, but you can also inspect the originals, … Read More

23 Jan '17

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Tiny Inklings

My ink experiments for 2016’s Inktober and sparrow wintercard helped me to tinally find out how to use  inks to my liking. In fact, I’m so happy with this medium right now, that I decided to start a little … Read More

20 Dez '16

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Losing Species – painting process

In the course of November, I painted a (for my standards) really huge and complex picture about extinct species, meant to be showcased at the Night of Extinct Animals art show on November 30 in Berlin. I documented the … Read More

18 Nov '16

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Exhibition: Night of Extinct Animals at Das Baumhaus in Berlin – Nov 30 2016

I’ll be participating in a cool art event at Das Baumhaus in Berlin on November 30th: Night of Extinct Animals on occasion of the worldwide Remembrance Day For Lost Species. Really great idea. Come by at the opening night … Read More

10 Nov '16

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Inktober 2016

I’ve been participating in #Inktober this past month, and I’m really happy I managed to pull through with it. One ink drawing a day, and I don’t even like drawing that much. Thanks to everyone who sent their appreciation, … Read More

22 Okt '16

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New online shop!

Since people keep asking for it, I finally succeeded in setting up a (provisionary) online shop. It holds all my art prints, books, posters, stickers, postcards and other goodies you could previously only get on events or by … Read More

09 Dez '14

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Rentierwinter – Dez 2014

Noch ein bemaltes Schaufenster, diesmal für den Friedrichshainer Buchladen Lesen und lesen lassen. Neben der bemalten Scheibe habe ich auch noch zwei große Aquarelle beigesteuert. Das Bemalen hat ein Weilchen gedauert wegen der vielen kleinen Schneeflocken, aber es war spaßig … Read More

07 Okt '14

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Märchenstipendium – Okt 2014

Ich freue mich, mein Märchenbuch „Von den Fischer un siine Fru“ wird mit einem Stipendium für Märchenillustration gefördert! Von der Märchen-Stiftung Walter Kahn und der Deutschen Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur e.V.. Das ist deshalb so toll, weil ich wirklich all … Read More