14 Feb '20

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More new art from the past months

It  has been pretty quiet recently on the blog, manly because I have been working on my Super Secret Project (of which I can’t show anything yet) and because I have been very busy with life. I’ll give a short … Read More

06 Jun '19

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Little bits

I’ve got a few little bits and bobs from last month to show. //

Ich hab hier ein paar Kleinigkeiten aus dem letzten Monat.

Do you know #Mermay? It’s a month-long daily drawing challenge of mermaids (like #Inktober or … Read More

04 Mai '19

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Reactivating the blog! Here’s what happened from July 2018 – May 2019

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. It has almost been dead for an entire year. The past twelve months of my life have been filled with lots of unexpected things, half of them good and half … Read More

02 Mrz '18

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All new art of the past 6 months

Since the website was shut down for the past half-year, here’s a collection of the more elaborate artwork that got created in the meantime. You can read all the minutia and see lots of sketches on my … Read More

23 Mai '16

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Mermay, Part 1

I’ve been painting one mermaid sketch a day for the last week, following the #MerMay challenge… it’s simply a joy!. I’ll try to follow trough until the end of the month, as I started after half the month had … Read More

17 Mai '16

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Sketchbook marathon, Part 1 (and mermaid emergency interruption)

My sketchbook marathon has been running on my social platforms for a couple of days,so I compiled a few of the more interesting pages below. Lots of faces, people and Zelda stuff. See all of them on my tumblr, … Read More

18 Nov '15

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Grouchy morning mermaid

Quick grouchy morning mermaid with a mug of coffee and a cookie, chocolate of course. Just a crappy photo unfortunately, as I didn’t have the possibility to scan it.

Schnelle Morgenmuffel-Nixe mit Kaffeetasse und einem Keks, natürlich Schoko. Leider nur … Read More

21 Okt '15

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Neues Märchenbuch! // New fairy tale book!

Ganz viel Neues, das mir bei dem Trubel um die Buchmesse glatt untergegangen ist: 1. Neues Märchenbuch, whohoo! Mehr dazu unten. 2. Neue Buchcover, Rezepte und ein paar mehr Gemüsemuster im Portfolio. 3. Ich ändere die Hauptsprache der Seite … Read More