19 Apr '18

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Easter card 2018

My Easter card for this year got finished remarkably late, which rather qualifies it as a spring card, I guess. It’s made to resemble this one I did a few years ago. The lamb picture was painted digitally, … Read More

16 Apr '17

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New shirt: Rabbits run free

Happy Easter everyone! At this time of year I usually am on a most important mission: Drawing bunnies! I took the occasion to create another animal welfare shirt with rabbit protection group Kaninchenschutz. I’ve been drawing animal rights themed … Read More

26 Mrz '16

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Easter lambs

Have a beautiful Easter everyone! This year’s card doesn’t feature bunnies for a change, but lambs (equally fun to paint), as does my newest recipe for the Vegan Food Illustration blog. Enjoy the little holiday and the begiinning of spring!

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02 Apr '15

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Liebste Ausrede für Häschenzeit

Frohe Ostern für euch alle! Das Fest hat auch immer etwas sehr trauriges, weil zwar alle Leute Kaninchen und Lämmer und Küken lieb haben und süß finden, aber sie auch gleichzeitig in Massen zu Ostern gegessen und getötet werden. Ich … Read More