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10 Nov '16

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Inktober 2016

I’ve been participating in #Inktober this past month, and I’m really happy I managed to pull through with it. One ink drawing a day, and I don’t even like drawing that much. Thanks to everyone who sent their appreciation, … Read More

10 Mai '16

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Sketchbook marathon coming up

I’ll be having 8 days of sketchbook uploads over on my tumblr. There’s a lot queueing up, so I’ll start with older stuff, working my way up to today. Let’s see how embarassing that’ll become. This one here is rather … Read More

03 Nov '15

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Last week of Animal saved today

For nearly 6 months now, I have been drawing animals with a little background story daily for my side project Animal saved today. This week, the last of them are being put online, and then the project will be on … Read More

06 Jun '15

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Animal saved today

Ich habe vor einigen Tagen ein neues Dauerprojekt gestartet, das mir schon länger unter den Nägeln brannte: Animal saved today. Es ist ein Sketch-a-day-Projekt, eine kleine Zeichnung eines Tiers pro Tag,  ein kurzer Text und ein Stempel dazu. Die Karten … Read More