traditional art

11 Mrz '20

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Ink flowers

I’ve been painting a number of flowers to give away recently. They’re made of coloured ink, are only as big as a postcard and two of them actually have glittery petals in the original painting. The effect wasn’t as striking … Read More

20 Dez '16

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Losing Species – painting process

In the course of November, I painted a (for my standards) really huge and complex picture about extinct species, meant to be showcased at the Night of Extinct Animals art show on November 30 in Berlin. I documented the … Read More

10 Nov '16

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Inktober 2016

I’ve been participating in #Inktober this past month, and I’m really happy I managed to pull through with it. One ink drawing a day, and I don’t even like drawing that much. Thanks to everyone who sent their appreciation, … Read More