25 Jan '17

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Berlin Graphic Days: 3 – 5 Feb 2017

I’ll be attending all three days of Berlin Graphic Days festival next week! There will not only be high quality fine art prints of my new series Tiny Inklings available, but you can also inspect the originals, … Read More

22 Okt '16

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New online shop

Since people keep asking for it, I finally succeeded in setting up a (provisionary) online shop. It holds all my art prints, books, posters, stickers, postcards and other goodies you could previously only get on events or by … Read More

10 Okt '16

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Junicorn books at German Comic Con Berlin: 15 – 16 Oct 2016

I have two very cool pieces of news: A new book (whohoo!) plus a table at German Comic Con Berlin this weekend!

First: My Junicorn series is being printed in book format as I write this – so … Read More

01 Sep '15

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Gesiebdruckte Tierkarten

Letzte Woche war ich Siebdrucken im Stattlab. Und habe aus den Ambivalenten Tierkarten, die schon laaaange Zeit darauf gewartet haben, endlich analoge kleine Drucke gemacht. Sie sind etwa so groß wie Postkarten und Visitenkarten, deshalb war es gar nicht so … Read More